Discover the ultimate durability with our rugged tough phones, designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Explore our range of tough smartphones and mobiles built for resilience and reliability. Whether you're an adventurer, outdoor enthusiast, or work in challenging environments, our tough phones are your reliable companion. Shop now for the toughest in smart mobile technology.


  • JCB Toughphone

    The Orignial JCB Toughphone!


    5.7 inch screen

    Built in Gorilla Glass

    Water and Dust Proof (IP68)

    4050mAh Battery

    20mp front and rear cameras

    Drop tested to 1.8m

    4G Connectivity

    Android 13

    128GB Storage

    6GB RAM

    NFC Compatible (Contactless)

    2 year warranty



  • JCB Toughphone MAX

    Bigger and Better!


    6.67 inch screen

    Built in Gorilla Glass

    Water and Dust Proof (IP68)

    12000mAh Battery

    48mp rear and 20mp front cameras

    Drop tested to 1.8m

    5G Connectivity

    Android 12

    256GB Storage

    12GB RAM

    NFC Compatible (Contactless)

    2 year warranty




See it in action!


What is the difference between the phones?

While JCB phones are meticulously engineered to be tough, rugged and easy to use, they are not the same. The differences are:

  • The original toughphone has a 5.7 inch screen vs the MAX's 6.67 inch screen
  • The Toughphone MAX has a larger battery at 12000mAh vs 4050mAh
  • The Toughphone MAX has a better rear camera at 48mp vs 20mp
  • The Toughphone MAX has more RAM and ROM storage at 12GB and 256GB vs the original toughphones 6GB and 128GB
  • With the larger model you get an upgrade to 5G connectivity from the original 4G in the smaller model
  • The Original Toughphone is running android 13 where as the MAX is running android 12

Do the phones come with a warranty?

YES! We are so confident of their performance that we offer a 2 year warranty on all our Toughphones and Tough Tablets.

Do you offer free delivery

YES! Our delivery is fast and free of charge to anywhere in the mainland UK

Can you drop these phones?

These phones have been drop tested to 1.8m and meet military spec 810G standards. They are designed to withstand drops and slips!

Are they water and dust proof?

Yes, both models are waterproof and dustproof to IP68 standards.