About us

The Genuine Case Company was established to provide stylish and affordable mobile phone protection.

Our ethos is simple, we work directly with manufacturers wherever possible to ensure our products perfectly complement your phone. In 2023 we became licensed to use the JCB name and logo and have since launched the JCB Toughphone and Tough Tablet. With over 60 years experience in the mobile industry, the GCC team know a thing or two about mobile phones.

We know that your mobile phone is very important to you, that you need to protect it but at the same time keep it looking stylish. We also know that you want great quality without paying through the nose. We design and develop in the UK, then manufacture using only the best factories. By best we don’t just mean quality and price, we also ensure our factories are socially and environmentally conscious. Our cardboard is FSC approved and where possible we limit single use plastic in our packaging. 

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