Manufacturing the JCB Toughphone since 2007

Manufacturing the JCB Toughphone since 2007

In 2007 the original JCB Toughphone arguably launched the rugged phone market. Phones like the Nokia 6210 were no longer available and manufacturers were focused on the retail consumer, not the business user who needed a no nonsense phone.

The original JCB Toughphone was a ‘Candy Bar’ (that’s the design), screen at the top and physical keys (no touchscreen) underneath. Finished in iconic yellow, the JCB Toughphone was both water and dust resistant. It was launched at JCB World Headquarters where it went through a series of tests and demonstrated by Peter Jones of Dragons’ Den fame. The JCB Toughphone survived a number of tests in a live environment - instantly making its mark.

The JCB Toughphone quickly filled a void left by Nokia and Ericsson phones of old, plus it found new customers too. From outdoor pursuits to construction workers, van drivers to older people (wanting an easy to use phone) the demographic was extensive. Retailers including Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4U, Orange, Vodafone and Argos all ranged the JCB Toughphone.

The JCB Toughphone developed with the times, launching the world’s first floating phone (because it doesn’t matter if your phone is waterproof but sinks to the bottom of the ocean), an Android smartphone and a JCB Toughphone with a built-in walkie-talkie

The JCB Toughphone was sold around the world from South America to Scandinavia and retailers from ASDA to Sainsbury. It held the Guinness World Record for toughest phone and spawned a whole craze for seeing what punishment a mobile phone could be put through and survive. Have you ever seen a phone fired from a rocket? Buried in concrete? Dragged behind a Digger at 60mph? Retrieved by a dog from a lake? Check out YouTube and you will!

It's now 15 years since the original JCB Toughphone and times have moved on. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. 2023 sees the launch of not one but two new JCB phones, the JCB Toughphone and Toughphone MAX. Packed with cutting edge technology and equipped for the very harshest of environments the JCB Toughphone is the phone for all demands. Priced from £299 and available in the UK from mid July.

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