Rugged Android Smartphone & Tablet Trio

Rugged Android Smartphone & Tablet Trio

The JCB Toughphone and Toughphone MAX have been designed to meet the most demanding of environments, whether business or pleasure. With a heritage going back to 2007, the team behind the JCB Toughphone know a thing or two about building a rugged phone.

Designed to tick a number of boxes, the JCB Toughphone has to be first and foremost a rugged mobile phone which means IP68 water and dust resistance, Mil-Spec 810g for temperature and vibration resistance and drop tested to 1.8m. Secondly the JCB Toughphone has to be a well specced smartphone, so Android 13, Octacore processor, 20MP camera front and rear and decent memory, 128GB ROM/6GB RAM. Lastly the JCB Toughphone has to represent great value, so around £299 retail SIM free.

The JCB Toughphone is a true all-rounder, from the building site to the boardroom, Highlands of Scotland to the house builders of Hull. The JCB Toughphone is comfortable in every situation, the only phone you need. No larger than a standard smartphone in a case, the JCB Toughphone has a 5.7” HD display with Gorilla Glass, and rubber corners for impact protection. Nobody intends to drop their phone, but with the JCB Toughphone you can rest assured it won’t let you down.

The JCB Toughphone MAX has been designed for the harshest of environments with no compromise. As tough as the JCB Toughphone, the MAX has the biggest battery in its class at 12,200mAh for up to a months standby. Whether you’re wild camping or sailing the high seas, you’ll have power.

With the JCB Toughphone Max you also get 5G, a 20MP front facing camera and a 48MP + 16MP + 2MP + 0.3MP rear camera, a 6.67” Gorilla Glass display and a whopping 256GB ROM and 8GB RAM.

Completing the trio is the JCB Tough Tablet, an 8” tablet with the same rugged credentials as the phones and 12,200mAh battery. It also has 128GB ROM/6GB RAM, Gorilla Glass display and Octacore processor.

Every JCB Toughphone comes with a 2 Year manufacturer warranty, a 2 metre industrial grade nylon data/charging cable and the confidence the JCB brand gives you. 

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