Why the NEW JCB Toughphone is ideal if you work in Agriculture...

Why the NEW JCB Toughphone is ideal if you work in Agriculture...

JCB is synonymous with Agriculture and Farming, the very first JCB machines were tipping trailers manufactured back in 1945. Today JCB has a full product range of machines designed to make Farming more efficient and sustainable. With this in mind the new JCB Toughphone is also designed with the Agricultural industry front and centre.

Farming is a tough business, big machines, big animals and big areas. And it all takes place come wind, rain or shine. Farming is a tough job requiring tough tools and the JCB Toughphone is one of them. The benefits of using a JCB Toughphone in Agriculture are numerous. Some are obvious and some are not.

The ability to take knocks and drops and also to be waterproof is first and foremost. The JCB Toughphone is Mil-Spec 810g, IP68 and drop tested to 1.8m. Plus it has a Gorilla Glass display and rubber corners. Other benefits such as a screen that functions whilst wearing gloves (or in the wet) saves both time and patience if you are working the land. A good camera, battery and loud speaker that can be heard when operating machinery plus a screen that can be seen in the sunlight are all essential for Farming.

The JCB Toughphone also features a PTT (Push To Talk) dedicated button which enables walkie-talkie style instant communications with other users, a benefit when communicating on a farm where workers may be in different places.

The JCB Toughphone is a high quality smartphone perfectly suited to the Agriculture and Farming industry. It provides real benefits to the industry without breaking the bank and is backed up by a 2 year Warranty.

When the hard work has been done on the farm, the JCB Toughphone can be washed or wiped down and is slim enough to fit in a jacket or jeans pocket and head off to the pub for a well-earned drink. Once in the urban jungle the same features make the JCB Toughphone a great companion. Spill a drink on it, no problem. Drop it on the floor, no problem. Want to take a great photo, no problem. Need a battery big enough to watch a movie or the match, no problem.

The JCB Toughphone, built for life.


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