Genuine Case Company offers a 12 month warranty on all accessories and cases covering manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not include customer damage, loss, inappropriate use or natural wear and tear.

Genuine Case Company will not provide replacements for incorrect fitting or improper use of screen protectors such as misalignment, peeling in the corners, air bubbles or self-inflicted damage.

We offer a 24 month warranty on JCB Toughphone and Tough Tablet, details of which can be found in the box which your phone came in, or in the download section on this web page.

Genuine Case Company products use the finest materials and are fully tested and certified. However we cannot cover damage to your device as a result of everyday use. Whilst our cases and screen protectors have been proven to provide the level of cover indicated, there will always be exceptions. 

Genuine Case Company will also not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or punitive damages arising from the use of our products.

To make a claim contact cs@genuinecasecompany.com. You will need proof of purchase.