The return of the original Toughphone!

The return of the original Toughphone!

JCB Toughphone, who led the creation of the rugged mobile phone sector in 2007, is back with a bang; launching not one but two new rugged android smartphones! The new phones are aimed at people with tough jobs or demanding lifestyles. Go anywhere phones that you can take to the Building Site, the Beach or the Boardroom without a problem.

First to launch is the JCB Toughphone (TP231) which will be available from mid July.

Let’s talk tough!

The JCB Toughphone is tested to MIL-SPEC 810G and has an IP68 rating. What this means is the phone can be submerged in water up to 1.5m deep for 30 mins. It can also be dropped onto concrete from 1.8m. The perfect mobile phone if you work or play in a tough environment. The JCB Toughphone has been tested against temperature extremes from blazing sunshine to sub-zero and for shocks and vibrations. It also comes with a Gorilla Glass display (which is extra tough, impact and scratch resistant) and rubber corners for extra protection.

Brains behind the brawn

It is important the JCB Toughphone has the tech to match the rugged credentials. As a result the JCB Toughphone comes with the latest Android 13 operating system, a large 5.7” HD display, 20MP Camera front and rear for great photo’s, Octacore Processor and 128GB ROM/6GB RAM for running multiple Apps and storing media plus Dual SIM (for running both a personal and business phone line). In addition the JCB Toughphone comes with an exclusive Toolbox App which includes Plumb Line, Picture Hanger and Decibel Meter.

Also launching will be the JCB Toughphone MAX. This phone takes the Toughphone concept to the extreme. Not only tough, the MAX comes with 5G for extra fast data connection, a whopping 12,200mAh battery for up to a months standby, 20MP front camera plus 48MP + 16MP rear camera’s, 6.7” FHD display and a huge 256GB ROM/8GB RAM.

The team behind the JCB Toughphone includes Roy Taylor, industry veteran of The Caudwell Group and Data Select. Roy led the team that developed the original JCB Toughphone back in 2007 and every subsequent JCB Toughphone thereafter.

Commenting on the partnership with JCB, Roy Taylor said, “Our history with JCB goes back to 2008 when we launched the original JCB Toughphone. We produced several successful products including the ‘World’s Toughest Phone’ and the ‘World’s First Floating Phone’. The new JCB Toughphone and Toughphone MAX epitomise the brand values of toughness and technology combined”.

Taylor added, “The JCB brand is synonymous with hard wearing quality. A brand you can rely on. Working with JCB we have produced great phones that are comfortable in the Boardroom or a Building Site, hiking in the hills or stock checking in a warehouse. We know from our research there is strong demand for the JCB Toughphone brand, given the heritage built up since 2007”.

Matthew Seal, Director of JCB Consumer Products said “The JCB Toughphone range has been designed with our agricultural and construction customers in mind. Our customers work long hours, without access to power in harsh working environments. JCB Toughphones will survive the rigors of hard work and come complete with a high-capacity battery, so there is no need to worry about finding a charging source when on the job”.

 In addition the JCB Tough Tablet, launched earlier this year will also be available. The JCB Tough Tablet features an 8” screen, 12,200mAh battery, 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM and is also IP68 and Mil-Spec 810g.

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